Come If You Can - Pink Moon

Come If You Can - Pink Moon

April 18th, 6pm - 9pm
4284 Moonstone Drive, 90032 - Carpool encouraged
Please bring a blanket/pillow suitable for outdoor use and some food or drink to share that has a personal story behind it. (this can be a family recipe, something you eat when you're celebrating, something you eat when you're in a rush, the first meal you had in a new home, etc.)
We ask that everyone read through the story below and the following questions before the event, and to come with whatever thoughts may arise from reading them. If you feel compelled to create something in response to this prompt, and you need time to perform or present it, please keep it to 5 minutes or under. The evening will have a loose structure of meditation exercises, workshops and performances that have been prepared in advance, but there will be space and time to share anything people have brought.
While we are opening up this event to all genders, we are only inviting female identifying persons to share any creative responses they may have. However, there is no expectation for anyone to bring any creation/presentation if they don't feel motivated.

Myth, Symbols and Narratives

Before the rise of Christianity and a patrilineal (property and possessions passed down among men) and patriarchalsociety, there is strong evidence of a sophisticated belief system structured around the worship of women, likely resulting in a matrilineal (property and possessions passed down among women) and sometimes matriarchal society. This is likely due to a lack of understanding of pregnancy and reproduction, so women were seen as magical creatures who could create new humans. As scientific understanding of reproduction advanced, it coincided with the migration of northern European civilizations into southern European and African communities. At this time it was normal for women to have multiple sexual partners, making paternity impossible to establish, meaning that any and all property and valuables were passed down matrilineally. The northern and southern communities began to assimilate but there is evidence that many of the northern migrants (who likely worshiped a male diety) were dissatisfied with their new social and political standing. The first recordings of the Adam and Eve myth can be found around this time, where Eve is vilified (and shown with a serpent, likely because the southern goddess centric belief system worshipped snakes and serpents). This is also a time when the idea of sex being sinful was introduced and promoted, and the idea of female purity began. Some scholars hypothesize that this was actually a politically motivated manipulation of myth and story, to try and limit the sexual partners of women to just one man so that paternity could be established. This resulted in the rise of a widespread patrilineal and patriarchal society that was the basis for our current patriarchy and major religions today.
* this is a summarization of a hypothesis from the book "When God was a Woman" by Merlin Stone
What does it mean to belong?
What is androgyny?
What does your energy feel like?
Where do your boundaries lie?

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